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Research at SRF

Research signifies a move towards attaining higher knowledge. Plato might say that ‘one can inquire neither into what one knows, nor into what one does not know’. This statement precludes prior knowledge and problematizes the complex nature of language. It is possible to come to grips with the truth positions implied here, if we untie the connections it posits between grammar, logic, semantics, and epistemology in disciplinary formations. Samyukta Research Foundation aims to demystify research and make it accessible to everyone in the pursuit of knowledge.

Samyukta Journals

The mandate of Samyukta Journals is to develop, critique and disseminate knowledge in the multidisciplinary field of Liberal Humanities that is ever-widening. With equal emphasis on theoretical and empirical research, the journals promoted by SRF would critically examine socio-cultural representations in the chosen fields, with reference to class, race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, location and the like. With firm ethical commitment to gender equality and secular values, the portfolio of journals from Samyukta aims at moving to non-hierarchical modes of knowledge generation.

Samyukta India Press

Samyukta India Press (SIP) makes available publishing space for quality research work, creative writing and translations. We welcome books that revisit established tenets of critical theory and relocate received ideas in the ever-evolving field of Liberal Humanities. Researchers who keenly engage in sustained modes of production and dissemination of knowledge, are encouraged to submit their manuscripts that do not blindly accept ideas, but critically interrogate them. Enabling equal opportunity to all, SIP is committed to bringing the marginalized and the silenced into the mainstream of life.