The raw power of granite and the charm of red bricks give a distinct character to the SRF building at Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram. Bowers, fruit trees and flowering plants lend colour and life to the building. Designed in the Laurie Baker style, the building has a number of places where spirited dialogues, heated discussions and even deep contemplation are possible.

The Foundation is strategically placed in the center of the city, very near the office of the Governor of the State of Kerala, the Government Secretariat, the University of Kerala, the State Archives, the Museum Art Gallery and more than a dozen well stocked libraries. Transportation by bus or cab to any place at affordable rates is easily available from Kowdiar.  

SRF offers a study room with free wi-fi, discussion space and a cozy kitchenette, two independent air-conditioned bath attached rooms are made available on reasonable rent. The room surrounded by patches of vibrant greenery lends a calm, peaceful ambience to your stay. Coffee shops and restaurants offering a wide variety of local, continental, Chinese and other cuisines are located at close proximity to SRF.

The Foundation provides an ideal place to stay for any scholar / researcher / writer / translator / artist / performer who is looking for a congenial third space away from home and office to engage in serious studies. 

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