Rama Sundar Ranganathan

SRF is a quaint place in a beautiful part of the city Which is. Jayassee ma’am calls the third place. Coming from Delhi where for me find an uninterrupted shelter of time for ‘riyaaz’ is likely, this place was just perfect for what we musicians call ‘Chintan and Manan’ – reflection. And that is exactly what I did here. Long uninterrupted hours of ‘riyaaz’, working on my research paper and meaningful interactions with Dr Jayasree ma’am Who was very generous with her input and intellectual guidance.

I have to mention our lovely short trips to Kanyakumari ( enjoyed the company of the very warm Dr Sreedevi ) and Kottayam organised by the team of sumyukta, as also the movie poniyanselvan that we watched together.

As I reflect upon my month-long write-in-residence fellowship, I carry back memories of relaxed work, love and wealth. special mention genial Jobin Who manages the office and was my Tamil-speaking partner. It was great meeting the energetic As Sonya Nair but missed meeting kukku perhaps something for me to come back for!!

Samyukta, to me, will always be a home to those who dream and home to help them achieve their dreams.

At the age of 18, awed by titans of industry, I set myself on a path to reach the mountain tops of industry by the age of 35. I picked my field as EdTech hoping to serve the future through my contributions.

At 30, I attended my first meeting as the Head of product for a multinational edtech company from the workspace at Samyukta.

The calm quiet ambience with the cool blue breeze through luscious green puts you in a state of controlled yet rapid acceleration. The cheerful greeting every morning from Kiran, the office manager, helps one start the day well. The brilliant and busy humming of intelligent debate and consuming conversations downstairs always adds that air of intellectual stimulation.

While Samyukta might mean “unity” or “dependability” based on your choosing, to me SAMYUKTA will always read as a place with 

Some Added Magic for You to Unwaveringly Keep True to Aspirations

Dr. Anupama Mohan

Dr. Anupama Mohan

My stay at Samyukta was not just about a roof and a room (although one is always grateful for spaces that materially support creativity) but about finding a shared soul, a spirit of togetherness which is what this research foundation is all about. My days were spent in thinking, reading, and writing, punctuated always by company, tea, laughter, and camaraderie. Samyukta Centre is a beautiful home and library that serves as an office, meeting-space, and pit-stop for all things creative and intellectual. When I was not writing, I spent hours scouring the library, lovingly curated and maintained, and ended up reading books that shaped my own writing.

In Kiran, Varsha, Sonya, Kuku, Sreedevi, Jayasree, and Sreekala, I found not only kindred spirits, friends, but a team that was rooting for me and my work. I am grateful especially to Sonya, Sreedevi, Jayasree, Varsha, and Kuku for the patient ear and candour with which they read and heard early versions of the novel and provided constructive suggestions. It was humbling to feel so received and their engagement with my book has already made it better, and our comradeship brought me hours of joy and insight, nourishing my writing process.  


Finally, Samyukta is precious to me also for the non-human friends I made, like Pachupalli the cat, whom I may have named but who colonized my heart, Muthu the little brown snail who visited me every night, the flighty kingfisher with whom I shared my morning cuppa, the majestic eagle whose panoptical flight seemed godly in its own way, and several bats and butterflies, all of whom were a sentient force exerting their influence upon me in subtle and powerful ways. To all of us itinerants of this world, Samyukta offers refuge and love. May Samyukta’s nurturing spirit grow manifold in the coming years.

Rachel Simon - Kumar

This is an amazing initiative. Very best wishes to Samyukta and your plans to invigorate women’s scholarship in Thiruvananthapuram. Thank you also for all your support during my research ……..

Catherine Thankamma

So happy to see Samyukta Research Centres’s office at last. Flourish…do well , Best Regards.