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Samyukta India Press (SIP) is the book publishing wing of Samyukta Research Foundation. 

The Press aims at consolidating the capabilities we have gained over the last 20 years in the domain of academic publishing. The professed objective of Samyukta Research Foundation is to provide a platform for scholars who are constantly furthering disciplinary boundaries through critical engagements in gender, culture and other related fields. For this purpose, SIP will bring out book-length studies, monographs and collections of research papers on a wide range of disciplines. 

Material for publication will be accepted at SIP only after rigorous review. The Press is venturing out into the publication of creative writing as well as English translations of literatures from across the world. It is our belief that daring experiments in literature will transform reader experience, taking human minds to new and unchartered waters.

Samyukta India Press will encourage cognitive flexibility in academic publishing, with a happy combination of critical thinking and creative expression.


Recently Launched

Released from Samyukta India Press

8 March 2022

Samyukta India Series: Gender Studies

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Vol I: Women and Development


Vibhuti Patel | Mira Kapil Desai | Sangita Kamdar | Damayanti Bhattacharya | Barbara Kalima | Suzanne Membe Matale | Kamayani Bali Mahabal | Leela Gulati | K.C. Zachariah S. Irudayarajan. | K. S. James | S. Irudayarajan | Sabu Aliyar | G. K. Moli | Meena Gopal Anu Saksena | Harasankar Adhikari | Pritha Chatterjee | Nalini Nayak | Merle Kindred Ilina Sen | Ranjana Padhi | Prakruthy U. M. | Gabrielle Dietrich | Debleena | Nisha Biswas Neha Madhiwala | K.B. Usha | Gayathri N. Lokhande | J. Prabhash | K. Gireesan Jos Chathukulam | Kiran Prasad

Vol. II: Women and Health


Imrana Qadeer | Arathi P. M. | Vibhuti Patel | Lakshmi Lingam | Indira Chakravarti Thresia C. U | Sylvia Karpagam | Siddharth Joshi | Alpana Sagar | Rose Wu A.K Jayasree | Janet Chawla | Roy Bijoya | Mala Ramanathan | Heena K. Bijli Mridul Eapen | Subha N. A | Lance A Strate | Alexander Jacob | Geeta Joshi Amar Jesani | Rekha Pande | Anamika Priyadarshini | Ramila Bisht | Vineetha Menon | P. G. Latha | Rajasekharan S | Rinzi Lama | Jayasree Krishnankutty Meera Menon V | Shaju K. Francis | Bini B. S | Koshy Tharakan

Vol. III: Women and Culture


Maithreyi Krishnaraj | Uma Chakravarti Nandita Gandhi | Nandita Shah | Shilpa Phadke Margot Badran | Amina Wadud | Zakia Soman Niaz Noorjehan | Firoj High Sarwar Etienne Rassendren | Sharmila Rege Manvinder Kaur | Sultana Ameer Seemantini Gupta | Ritu Menon Urvashi Butalia | Mandira Sen | Radhika Menon C.S Lakshmi | K. Saradamoni | Praveena Kodoth B.S Bini | Dianne E. Jenett | Sonya J.Nair Deepti Parangot | Bageshree Trivedi Seetha Vijayakumar | Uma Unnikrishnan | Priya.V Prema Jagannathan | V.T Usha | Carla Petievich Madhuri Dixit | Mara Matta | Kristen Rudisill Anita Singh | Arya Aiyappan | R.Renjini Teena Rachel Thomas | Sulfia Santhosh Sherin B.S | J .Gireesh | Runa Chakraborty Kiran Keshavamurthy | V. Sanil

Environmental Studies: S.Devika & Lakshmi Menon

In the present world several factors contribute to the crises in environment. The most fundamental of them is the human-centric development model that privileges man over nature. Proactive measures to conserve the environment are the need of the hour, and they must involve everyone.

As a step to raise environmental consciousness among students across the country, University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi, has made mandatory a course in Environmental Studies for all undergraduate programmes in universities and colleges. This textbook has been prepared in accordance with the syllabus recommended by the UGC. The second book on Eco Literature has been prepared keeping in mind the requirements of those students of English Literature who are familiarizing themselves with issues of climate change and the conservation of environment for the first time.

Pranayam: Marguerite Duras

Marguerite Duras is a widely read and critically acclaimed French writer of the twentieth century. Duras is no stranger to India. Her “India Cycle Series” had India as the background. However, Duras’ works have not found a loyal readership in the country, maybe because of the deceptively scattered looking nature of some of her major works. Another reason could be that none of Duras’s works have been translated into any of the Indian languages.

This translation brings to those in Kerala, an opportunity to read Duras in Malayalam. Sreedevi K Nair has moved into the language, this intense story of love/pranayam as she has decided to translate the title into Malayalam, adding that delicate scent of the distant seas to Duras’ smouldering prose. It reminds us of a fresh and clear morning on a beach after a particularly fierce bout of rain.

Sreedevi K. Nair 

Stories: T.Padmanabhan

T.Padmanabhan’s stories, pure poetry in prose, speak to our wounded and fragmented times with a life-asserting gusto and all-pervading empathy that is rare in contemporary literature. Stories: T. Padmanabhan which was released by Samyukta India Press in November 2020 is a collection of 30 world – class stories by T. Padmanabhan. These stories which breathe the little known culture of Kerala in India, efface an isolated, insular world view and celebrate a truly inclusive world of plants, insects, birds, animals and human beings. The volume is a fitting tribute to T.Padmanabhan, the living literary legend of Malayalam, the language of the small southern state of Kerala in India.    

Sreedevi K. Nair & Laila Alex

T. Padmanabhan, who has recently turned ninety years of age, is the most renowned short fiction writer of contemporary Kerala. Widely acclaimed as a master craftsman with a unique gift of capturing the inexpressible and the inarticulate, T.Padmanabhan brings into his stories a rare sensibility which is at once global and typical of his native rural village in Kannur. Can you imagine an old world where the refrains of a popular song jotted on a letter, the holding of hands in secret for a split second, a gaze anchored on someone for a minute, are indicative of love that lasts a lifetime? A world where the falling of a tender tree becomes as tragic as the loss of a precious child, and where a stray cat or dog is as welcome to the house as an esteemed guest. 

T Padmanabhan

Price: INR 699/- (within India including postal charge)
                25 USD (outside India including postal charge) 



The Samyukta Monographs on Life-Writing are conceptualised with the specific objective of strengthening theories and narratives on Life-Writing as a counter-position to western cultural paradigms. This we believe will lead to a shift in the way lives of men and things are looked at in the academic circles and eventually in global cultural spaces. 

The Monographs are structured in three parts. The first part explains the ways of writing lives, often making history. It then moves on to tracing the histories and practices of life writing with particular reference to a region, issue, topic or person. This forms the core of the Monograph. The concluding section offers a re-reading of the foundational theories of Life-writing, affording possibilities of fresh interpretations. The Monographs also have a section on terms used in Life Writing Studies, a detailed bibliography and an index, making it an ideal source book for scholars and lay readers alike.

The brilliance of an author rests on the deep understanding of the historical and conceptual aspects of the issues s/he chooses to discuss, and it is this grounded scholarship that makes this Monograph Series from Samyukta India Press outstanding. Prepared by young scholars on the finer aspects of writing lives in different ways and across different cultures, these Monographs are recommended to the discerning reader who wishes to have an in-depth knowledge of Life-Writing here and now.