Samyukta Research Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2022

Dr Sreedevi D. receives the Samyukta Research Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship (SRF PDF) 2022 project on “Senses, Memory and Writing: A Study Based on Literary Narratives”

Dr Sreedevi D.

Sreedevi. D is a researcher and writer based in Kerala. She completed her PhD from the Centre for English Studies, School of Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi in 2016. She has previously taught at the Department of English, University of Calicut, Kerala and Central University of Karnataka, Gulbarga, Karnataka.

Sreedevi’s area of research is senses and the theorisation of sense experiences in literary and cultural theory. In Indian academia, The discussion of tactility has been done primarily in Social Sciences and the experience of touch is explored in the sociological domain. The touchable and untouchable bodies are the main tropes in which the recent scholarship has explored the experience of tactility. During the fellowship period, Sreedevi will focus on the relationship between memory and sense experience in literary narratives and life writings from Keralam to examine how they engage with the social constructions.

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